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Modern Car Racing is a racing game that offers realistic 3D graphics and a fast-paced, thrilling experience. The game puts your racing skills to the test by twisting and turning through realistic levels. Race against AI or challenge your friends and be


  • Realistic 3D graphics.
  • Over 8 different levels to race in.
  • A selection of over 20 cars to choose from.
  • Upgrade your car to stay competitive.
  • Challenge your friends and rivals.
  • Power-ups to change the o

    Game Controls

    • Arrow keys to navigate through the levels.
    • Space Bar to boost your car.
    • A to Brake.
    • C to Change the camera.

How to Play

Getting Started

The game starts with creating an account. Once your account is created, you’ll be ready to race. You’ll be taken to the main menu to start the game.

Selecting a Race

In the game you have the option of either playin


Racing and Level Up

Once you have selected the track and your car, the race will begin. Your goal is to reach the finish line in first place. The races get progressively harder, so you will have to upgrade your car to stay competitive and s


  • Web version.
  • Android version.
  • iOS version.


Modern Car Racing was developed by Gamestorm, an independent video game developer based in the UK. The game is released for web, Android and iOS.

Release Date

Modern Car Racing was released in 2020.

Similar games

If you’re a fan of racing games, then other titles by Gamestorm that you may find interesting are Street Racing and Space Race. Both of these titles feature fast-paced gameplay and realistic graphics.


How much does Modern Car Racing cost?

The game is free to play.

How many cars are available in the game?

There are over 20 cars available.

Is there a multiplayer option available?

Yes, you can race against your frien

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