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Castle Blocks is an exciting block-building puzzle game where players work to construct a castle using blocks of varying colors and shapes. Every level sets a different challenge and requires quick and strategic moves to achieve success. Players of all


  • Multiple levels that become increasingly more difficult
  • Blocks of varying colors and sizes
  • Time limit on each level
  • Strategy based game
  • Earn points and bonuses to achieve high scores

Game Controls

  • Players must use their mouse to move, control and manipulate blocks
  • Using their computer’s arrow keys, players can rotate blocks

How to Play


The blocks come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They each contain a number that indicates how many columns and rows the block will fill.


The goal of the game is to build the castle as fast as you can. To do this, the



The game consists of multiple levels that increase in difficulty as the player progresses. Each level includes a unique set of pieces and different objectives and goals.


Players must use their problem solving and s


  • Web (Desktop and Mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS


Castle Blocks is developed by WHIZ HACKERZ, a small indie game development studio based in the United States.

Release Date

Castle Blocks was released in August 2018.

Similar games

Castle Blocks shares similar game mechanics with other popular block-building puzzle games such as Blocks that Matter, Monument Builders, and Puzzle Craft.


How many levels are in the game?

There are over 100 levels in the game.

Can I play the game with my friends?

Yes, you can play the game with your friends by connecting through a supported platform such as Facebook.

What are

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