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Square Bird


Game Controls

Click to build square eggs which make a tower to keep you from hitting objects. If you make just the right amount of eggs to avoid the obstacle, you g...

Square Bird is a side-scrolling 2D platform game. Your bird will build a tower of square eggs to avoid danger whenever you click. It's a simple and fun game!

How to Play

It's easy to make square eggs. To keep from hitting things, the eggs form a tower. You'll have to be more careful as you make your eggs. You can land perfectly if you have the right number of eggs to avoid an obstacle.You get more currency for each level you complete. This currency can be used to purchase new skins and levels for your bird.


Square Bird was developed by Moonee. The web version of Square Bird is created by Yello.

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Similar Games

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What is fever mode in Square Bird?

Fever mode, which is a power-up, makes your bird shoot bullets ahead and destroys everything in its path.

How do I get fever mode in Square Bird?

You can touch the grass three times and land perfectly.

How do you avoid obstacles in Square Bird?

Click or hold spacebar to create a tower of eggs that lifts your bird over obstacles.

When was Square Bird released?

Square Bird was first released in HTML5 format in 2020. It's available on iOS and Android since 2018.

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